Irish Setters At Stud

Our stud dogs are selected to continue our program of gun dogs. Bred to please the foot hunter, who wants a hunting dog that hunts for the gun and adjusts to the cover.

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IF Diamond Dave
IF Saber X IF Rhiannon
IF Island King
 Renegade Remmington IF  X Karolea
Ironfire’s Saber
Sweet John x Texas Lady
 IronFire Summer Storm
 IronFires Mypal Joey
IronFires Rodeo Moon  (Rowdy)

IF Sweet John X IF Alberta Lee
Outlaw Jesse James

IronFire Diamond (Rock)
Is out of River City Captain ex River City Charley one of our best crosses of line breeding TKE though River City Samantha (Bearcat) and River City Reba (Whiskey River). Rock is a 58lb dog that points, backs & retrieves. Rock is as good on Pheasants as any dog I have seen.

IronFires Hercules (Herc)
Bolero ex Berg Bros Jenny
Herc is the results of a great cross done by Scott and Ben Berg. What first attracted me to Herc was as a young dog how hard he would work to move his yet undeveloped body.

Herc has great point and retrieve and is now Rocks equal in handling pheasants.

Note that Berg Bros Jenny was out of Saturday Night Martha; the mother of TKE. Hercules is a big dog, 69lbs with medium feathering. Herc is a joy to hunt.

IronFires Sweet John (John)
John was the result of a long list of breedings that got its start with Restless Red Andeker ex River City Samantha. Andeker was out of Bob and Katherine Goves Restless Red Setters.

Bob and Katherine and the Restless Red Setters where as tough a combination in Horseback Shooting Dog stakes as anyone. The cross produced IronFires John Henry who was crossed withIronFires Happy Heart which produced IronFires Teddy Bear, now called “Chase” owned by Andrew Morrison.

IronFires Teddy Bear was bred to IronFires Bonnihanna,(Bearcat) which produced IronFires Sweet John. All the dogs in this breeding plan pointed and retrieved at an early age. This continues to be true of Johns son IronFires Towin.

John is a 50 lb dog with medium coat, light feathering and a desire to please.

IronFires Towin (Twin)
IronFires Sweet John ex IronFires Night Song
He is still derby age and just finished his second hunting season He is staunch on point and a great retriever on downed birds. Twin looks just great on his birds and I expect him to do justice to all the great dogs in his pedigree. He is 50lbs with medium coat and feathering.

IronFires Jack Flash

Jack will be offered to a limited number of bitchs do to his age. Jack is 55 lb dark dog with strong feathering. Jack has the Irish love for fun and can make you happy on a bad day. He is a very good hunter and excellent retriever. He loves to flush the birds for the gun on command. He is most like our River City Captain who I dearly miss.   

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