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         We  encourage you to send in a favorite picture of your IronFire (IF'S)
 Irish Setter Puppies / Dogs  that you would like to share on our Photo Board.  
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                                        "Tara" Whelped March 2010
IronFire Towin X IronFires Petite Jolie (Toots)

 Owner: The Hand Family

Ironfire’s Miss Maggie
Ironfire’s Hercules x Ironfire’s Happy Heart

Owner: Gregg Johnson

Saddie  7 months old, Ace 5 months old and Connor 7 years

 Owner: Eric Berg
Maybeline & Maxwell

Owners:Charles Ruehl

 IronFire Baron X IronFire Maybeline

 Owner: Joanne Traufler
 IF Diamond Rio

Owners: Kevin & Gwen McCune

IronFire Towin x IronFire Red Reba

 Owner: Danielle Ochodnicky
Ironfire's To Win x Red Reba

Owners: Grover Hicks, Jr
IF Hercules x IF Miss Ellen

Owners: John "Duke" Formica and Linda LaVallee
14 yrs old
Rock EX  Scarlet

Owners: Mark Weis and family
IronFire's Sweet John X IronFire's Texas Lady

Owner: Eric Berg
"Madigan" 2010
 Sweet John  X  Texas Lady

Owner: Doug Linman
Edmonton Alberta Canada
 (Ironfire’s Rodeo Moon x Ironfire’s Diamond Ruby)

Owners Vicky and Jim Mangan

Owners: Brandon & Ashley Robbins

"Finnigan" & " Rocky"
 Rocky out of Sage Brush Jimmy
 X Miss Ellen born 01-04-2004

Finnigan out of Storm Warning  X Maybeline born 2013

01-04-2004 - 03-14-16
Owner: Mitch Joyce

"Ruby" Born Spring 2013
Outlaw Jesse James X if Sweet Candy

Owner: Anna Butzers

Outlaw Jesse James X IronFires Sweet Candy
 Owner: Anne Butzer

 Born 01/05/2013

Owner:  Brad and Eleanor Boden

IronFire's Rodeo Moon X  IronFire's Red Reba
 Born 04/28/2013

Owner:  Doug Haley

"Bill Bailey"
 IronFire Sweet John X IF Alberta Lee

Owner:  Bruce Konold with daughter Sarah Konold

Storm Warning X Diamond Lil

Owners: James O'Donnell

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