Photo Board

                           We encourage you to send in a favorite picture of your IronFire (IF'S)
                    Irish Setter Puppies / Dogs  that you would like to share on our Photo Board.  
      To send your photos to us click here

IronFires Sweet John X IronFires Miss Ellen

Owners: Deb, Mike & Katie Rod

Sage Brush Jimmy X IronFires Summer Storm

Owners: Wayn Carnahan

"Tungstan "
6 Months old
IronFire's Hercules X IronFires Summer Storm

Owners: Adam Holmbo
"Autumn" 1994-2005
Captain X Rose

Owners: Chris and Sue Norskov
 8yrs old
IronFires Texas Sun ex IroFires Summer Storm

Owners: Scott and Becki Bauer
"Sierra Rose"
IF Hercules X IF Scarlet Fairetaile

Owners: Chris and Sue Norskov

Lightning Jack X Bonnihana

Owner: Maura Fitzgerald
Baileys Irish Cream
IronFires Toowin X IronFires Petite Jolie (toots)

Owner: Stan Heinz

Owners: The Smith Family

"Flyn" 4 months old
IF Rowdy  X IF Red Reba

Owner: Michael Stalba
" Leinie "
IronFire Summer Storm  X  IronFire Diamond LIL

Owner: Marcus Watters
IronFires Baron X IronFires Scarlet Lace

Owner: Richard Grozik

Iron Fires Hercules x Iron Fires Miss Ellen

Owner: Ruth and Jon Remkus

Puppies sired by IronFires Sweet John

Owner: Kay Ireland
IronFires Petite Jolie x IronFires Sweet John

Owners: Rebecca Donat & Leland

Owner: Rebecca Brincefield

Hercules X Scarlet Lace
Owner: Dale Potts

 IronFire Sweet John X IronFire Miss Virginia
Owner:  Jamie Swason

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