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I have been with dogs all my life. My father raised German Shorthairs and I got my first Irish Setter when I was 10 years old. Over the years I have owned and loved different breeds. Toni and I competed our Black Labs in Field Trials. I was honored to be President of the Central Minnesota Retriever Club. That club is an even larger club today with many active members. In the early 1970's I lost a special female lab and even though I still had four labs in the kennel I decided to get a bird dog as a companion. Gradually I went back to more Pheasant, and Grouse hunting and the pointers and setters took over the kennel.

 In 1974 I started training with Chuck Ahman on Cornell Ed Schnettler's kennel grounds. Ed and his dogs had a strong effect on me and in 1982 there were only Irish Red Setters in our kennel. Col. Ed's kennel was home to the famous Saturday Night dogs that Ed campaigned all over the place country-region US.

Our kennel was known as River City Kennel, later to become IronFire Setters, and we have committed ourselves to the Saturday Night standard and tradition. Ed liked a medium size, dark dog with great desire for birds and a nice way of going.

Over the years we have out crossed to just about all the good Irish Setter hunting lines and I believe we have in the IronFire dogs all you could wish for in a hunting companion. We credit Roger Bosers great Bearcat, through his daughter River City Samantha,with putting the “handle” and sweet disposition along with strengthening our dogs as bird dogs.

Over the years we have run dogs in Grouse trials, Shoot to Retrieve, American Bird Hunter, Horseback Shooting Dog and even Horseback All Age.

I have been a member of the Minnesota Grouse Dog Assn. Field Trial Chair and board member of the United States Prairie Chicken Championship; board member and Field Trial Co-Chair of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club; member of the Northwest Field Trial Club; and President of the Minnesota Federation of Field Trial Clubs. My latest effort is to obtain new field trial and training ground for the public to enjoy in place State Minnesota. I use my home Club The Minnesota Red Setter Club to try new venues.

Our IronFire Setters are excellent shooting dogs that hunt to the cover be it prairie or pine. It is our hope that they would please any foot hunter who wishes an excellent bird dog and companion. They have strong natural point and a natural tendency to retrieve. Many doing so at a young age. They have a strong desire to please and harsh methods should not be used. They do have a fun Irish spirit that you will come to love, I did.

They range in size, 35-45 pounds for females and 45-55 pounds for males. The color of Irish Setters is the full range of chestnut, from golden chestnut to liver chestnut. We may at any time have the full range at the kennel but we only ship our standard, which is the dark phase. If you wish a lighter phase, please let us know.

Our pups (male or female) sell for $1,000.00 each, and pick of the litter is $,1,3000.00.  A $100 non refundable deposit is required to reserve a pup with the balance paid at 7 weeks. If we can ship Delta Airlines the cost is $450  which includes Health Certificate, shipping crate, freight and all arrangements with in the 50 states. Of course we will replace any pup that has a genetic health problem at the kennel. Pups have been given their first shots and have been wormed.

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Roger & Toni Berg

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